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The Salvage – Mid-winter Bump

So this morning I found myself knocked out of action by an illness, which is one of the most de-motivating things ever, when a person on the TIGSource Forums by the title of CEDE bumped my dev log thread with this lovely little post-it sketch! ¬†ūüėÄ

Original image source:


It made my day, so I guess I can add this onto the thread as a little thank you.


Salvage – Collapse Backward Animation

An obvious variation on the collapse animation and it turned out well. ¬†It’s fun trying to convey a sense of the suit’s bulk and weight.

Salvage – Collapse Forward Animation Textured

Big expansion on this animation from the rough.  12 frames now, though a few are just slight variations for added bounce.

Poor fella couldn’t go any further…

Salvage, Terrain Generation Sketching and Associated Frustration

Some rough sketch ideas on procedural terrain generation for The Salvage. ¬†I’m doing some ultra-simplified mockups using quick dice rolls to inject randomness. ¬†I want to get a mental model of the most important steps for creating random yet interesting maps for the player.

Don’t take any of these as indicative of the way the game will look, they’re just sketch models, and very rough ones at that.


Salvage – Collapse Forward Animation Rough

Rough, 5 frame animation for one of the death sequences in The Salvage. ¬†Like some previous animation roughs I’ve just blocked in the character with solid colours so that I can get the proportions and movement correct. ¬†It will receive more frames to smooth out the motion, and then I’ll go in once more to texture the sprite in each frame.

Two more Salvage Hulks

A couple more hulks for a grey day.

Salvage ‘Mantle’ Animation – quick edit

Minor change to the animation, most noticeable is the variable timing on each frame, but on the previous version there was also and error where the arm swung in the wrong direction for a single frame as the suit stood up on the block.

Salvage ‘Mantle’ Climb Animation Textured

This is the completed animation of the climbing sequence for The Salvage.  As usual there will be a few tweaks, including timing changes so that each frame has a unique delay.  Currently each frame displays for the same amount of time just to give a sense of flow, but that removes any sense of rhythm.

Another issue you may notice is that the pink placeholder block does not mask any portions of the sprite.  This is because in The Salvage terrain can be of any shape, and therefore the entire sprite must be drawn and a mask-able area will be designated once it is placed in the game.

Salvage ‘Mantle’ Climb Animation Rough

Test animation with the character blocked in with solid colours.  Probably needs some transitional frames but I think all the needed keyframes are working.

The purpose of this animation is to make walking over rough terrain appear more natural, so the player doesn’t feel like they need to use the flight mechanic for small obstacles. ¬†I’ve drawn it with a clean edged¬†place-holder¬†block, which conceals some portions of the sprite that would be visible in the more plausibly irregular game terrain. ¬†To deal with that I’ll need to draw the sprite complete in each frame and then decide a masking boundary that will be hidden by the terrain layer.

Salvage, Rusty Hulk 02

Salvage, Rusty Hulks

I’ve been getting back into The Salvage recently, and wanted to tackle the issue of ‘treasure chests’ that virtually every game contains in some form. ¬†Part of the texture I want players to encounter is that each dig site has been visited in the past, seemingly with bad luck for the visitors. ¬†Occasionally players may encounter the hulk of some old craft, and within its hull might be preserved a useful trinket or supply.


Salvage / Stockholm / Rusty / Oh Right

Haven’t done any new pixel art in quite a while, but some new developments in The Salvage front have me stretching those muscles once again. ¬†I’m away in Sweden at the moment visiting friends, which is why there has been a gap in posting. ¬†Expect to see something from above posted soon in a much improved format.



Salvage Suit Painting Retouch

I did some tweaking of this painting. ¬†It’s not super-tight, but overall I like the feeling of weight and texture I managed to bring into it. ¬†Finding Feng Zhu’s youtube channel has me both eager to do more digital painting, but also reeling at how lacking my skills are.

Salvage Suit Painting, Rough Process

I’ve spent a few evenings doing an overpaint of a nice little line sketch I made of the protagonist from The Salvage. ¬†I’ve been practicing with oil-type brushes and the results have been really pleasing. ¬†It’s not yet finished but I’m enjoying the process a fair bit.