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Twitter milestone – 400

400bot 4x

Started this robot as a character for my Sub-Luminal project and turned it into a little thank you to my twitter followers.

Expanded C64 palette.

Sub-Luminal Habitat Wrecker

Heavy Habitat Ranged Wrecker 2x

I needed to work on a big pixel piece again and decided revisited Sub-Luminal.  My thinking behind this machine is that it could operate in transitional gravity environments, or even walk in corridors lacking gravity or up/down vertical shafts with it’s redundant legs.  It would be a good unit for blocking escape avenues.

Tallboy Idle

Tallboy Roboframe Idle Animation 01 2x

Tallboy Progress

tallboy-roboframe-progress-02Lots of mechanical details and proportion tweaking happening with this guy.

Halftone Pixel Art Trial

Pixelart Flattop Halftone Test 01

I’m trying out some halftone patterns in Gimp to let me print my pixel art with a common black and white laser printer.  I want to use a cheap medium for prototyping and possibly game design, but I still want the results to look deliberate and attractive.  I feel like this vertical scanline pattern has a bit of an ASCII terminal look that I enjoy.


Glacis Mech

Glacis Mech 01Design Week in Toronto kept me quite busy in January, with little time to draw pixel art.  This is a piece I was doodling off and on and finally finished.

Sub-Luminal 2013 Holiday Additions

Sub-Luminal Holiday Denizens 2013

I really like how this batch came out.  I want to get better at drawing interesting body layouts.



OgresI want to design more creatures and fleshy things.  I started this ogre with a desire to make something that wasn’t at all teched-out, and proceeded to draw a couple ‘costumes’ for it to build out more character.  It was really fun drawing over the base sprite, and I feel like getting the body established first made the armour design much easier.

Hark! A cyborg!


Dry Dust Skulker

Arid Zone Denizen


Trap Character

Popups! The Good Kind!

Hit PopupMiss Popup  Pinned Popup

Sub-Luminal Palette Testing

Sub-Luminal Palette Tests 01

Sub-Luminal Palette Tests 01 scaled

Trying some colour schemes to inject some more life into the Sub-Luminal sprite designs.  I want something that I can do blanket palette swaps with on top of the default greyscale so that it adds the least amount of time into the work flow.


Scrap Raiders!

Posting up some sprites from my Sub-Luminal canvas as there are a bunch of new ones piling up.

Sub-Luminal Scrap Raiders Jul 16 2013 scutanddestroy

Sub Luminal Scrap Raider Exclamation Marx modified palette

Quick colourization using a modified palette I got off of Exclamation Marx of the SA Forums.