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Salvage, Terrain Generation Sketching and Associated Frustration

Some rough sketch ideas on procedural terrain generation for The Salvage.  I’m doing some ultra-simplified mockups using quick dice rolls to inject randomness.  I want to get a mental model of the most important steps for creating random yet interesting maps for the player.

Don’t take any of these as indicative of the way the game will look, they’re just sketch models, and very rough ones at that.


Ekranostool Pixel Sketches

I had a brainstorm yesterday for a small stool made from corrugated cardboard.  I want to try prototyping it this week.  I want to make something that appears intentionally ‘designed’ but has enough ad hoc flavour to prevent it being stale.  In other words, some proper scut.

Thump 02




Thump 01

***Click image for the gif***

Rough layers make for some quick and dirty gifs.

Split Box Lamp


Why don’t I draw this stuff all the time?

Ten Tools

Salvage / Stockholm / Rusty / Oh Right

Haven’t done any new pixel art in quite a while, but some new developments in The Salvage front have me stretching those muscles once again.  I’m away in Sweden at the moment visiting friends, which is why there has been a gap in posting.  Expect to see something from above posted soon in a much improved format.



Sofa Painting Ideas Continued

A couple more ideas on how to modify that big sofa painting.  The pink might feel a bit out of date, but I kinda like a harsh pop against the landscape.  The nice thing about doing digital ideations is I can throw down an idea and it’s infinitely plastic.




Thrift Store Sofa Painting

My sister found this old painting in a thrift store, and bought it so that we could rework it.


From the above snapshot, I did a couple really rough sketch paintings just to get a few ideas down.  They were mostly to see how different colour and value schemes would work with the painting.



Once I got to the painting myself, I sketched a few robots in with a pen.  They exist just as rough line work at the moment, but here’s a mockup of how they might look once we start laying down values.


I want to try some other variations, but this is a really fun project.  I think we should do a whole series of these.

A Page of Robots



Pocket Tools, Card Stock Sketches

I’ve got a pile of white paper sketches for the hand tools I’ve been working on, but the other day I grabbed some discarded card stock to try working in a neutral medium again.  I forgot how nice it is to sketch on this sort of stuff, just wish my gel pens hadn’t clogged up from sitting neglected.




Mech Thumbnails





Some monochrome thumbnail sketches of robotic smashin’ machines.  I think it would be really fun to do a whole game with art in this style, or maybe trading cards I could give away as freebies.

Robo Miner Farm

Short mockup for an arcad-ish supply chain game in which you operate a small planetary mine, and sell materials to passing merchant freighters.  The merchants are always in a rush, and want you to fill their orders within a certain time.