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Life Drawing, March 05 2013

Life Drawing Mar 5 2013 006 scaled  Life Drawing Mar 5 2013 005 scaledLife Drawing Mar 5 2013 004 scaledLife Drawing Mar 5 2013 003 scaled Life Drawing Mar 5 2013 001 scaledLife Drawing Mar 5 2013 002 scaled

Bull and Buck

Bull and Buck Sketch ScaledSo bored…

Poly Strap Stool

An idea I’ve been sketching and modeling for a stool that uses mostly plastic straps and zip ties to hold itself together under tension.  Cutting or loosening the straps would allow the stool to collapse and flat pack.


Nordberg Festivalen 2012

If you are in Norrland this summer…


SA Gamedev 2012 Background Mockup

More details to come!

Tetrahedral Bungee Stool Sketches

Referencing back to the Ekranostool concept from around Christmas I’ve been thinking of designs for furniture constructed from foldable panels of corrugated cardboard.  These stools are composed of three major pieces, the cushion, pillar, and base which are held together in compression by bungee cords.

I made some rough polygon models in Silo 3D and sketched over to flesh them out a little but I’ll need to get onto something more precise like Solidworks in order to gauge the angles correctly.

Cold War Flight Suits

I’ve been browsing a lot of blogs lately about cold war era flight suits.  They straddle the line between being totally functional and yet absurdly specialized.

I wish someone made clones of the jumpsuits from Apollo-era NASA missions.  I think I’d wear them.

The Salvage – Mid-winter Bump

So this morning I found myself knocked out of action by an illness, which is one of the most de-motivating things ever, when a person on the TIGSource Forums by the title of CEDE bumped my dev log thread with this lovely little post-it sketch!  😀

Original image source:


It made my day, so I guess I can add this onto the thread as a little thank you.

New Baldor grinder and new kitchen knife experiements.

The other week I picked up a Baldor belt grinder off of Kijiji, which was technically ‘used’, but had so little wear it appears as if the factory which originally bought it had promptly shelved it in storage.  It has a nice wide two inch belt that is perfect for doing flat grinds and I’m excited to get using this for some kitchen knife ideas.  In the photos above you can see a low carbon test I made of a paring knife with oversize blade for a more general purpose tool.  The blade has been flat ground but the rest of the tang has just been blanked out without grip mounting holes drilled or surface finishing.

Bantam Cadre 03

Invaders vs Invaders Rough

Bantam Cadre 02

Bantam Cadre?

I’m not sure yet what to call these things but they are fun as hell to draw.

Tiny Tanker

Experiment with making chibi style pixel art.  20 colour palette.
I feel like the arms and hands could use more work…  and the nose as well.  Still, this is a fun format.  Gonna make more ^_^