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Forgotten Sketches – Coyote Lamp

Coyote Lamp

I was throwing out a bunch of old papers the other day and came across these rough sketches of a lamp idea I had (as well as a thumbnail of some tripod-like zero gravity creature?).  This is very rough work but it looked good enough to share, and the design is something I should consider carrying out for design week in Toronto or something.

Paper and Tape – Cone Lampshade

Paper Cone Shade May 2014 04 Paper Cone Shade May 2014 05 Paper Cone Shade May 2014 01 Paper Cone Shade May 2014 03A scale mockup of a lampshade I’m working on.  In its current state made entirely from paper and uses a couple strips of tyvek binding tape to fasten the volumes into their final shapes.  The tape is intentionally left exposed on the exterior of the lampshade.  I’m trying to take materials normally thought of as cheap and elevate them to a desirable finished product.

Bomba Lamp in New York

bomba reading light

One of my lamps now resides in the home of a nice lady near Rochester.  I think this was the first Bomba sold to the United States.

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Paper Tray Lamp, Polyhedral

I tried incorporating the paper cup trays into a rough polyhedron, but I don’t think it works well enough to pursue further.  Instead I’ll stick with the cubic elements and see where I can push them.

Paper Tray Lamp

Someone must have done this already, it’s almost too obvious.  Cheap moulded paper trays from the coffee shop, zip ties and some cobbling made this rather cool lamp.  I’m going to experiment some more with these trays, they have that wonderful balance of cheapness and interesting form.