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Temporus Nebula Backdrops Process

ClNebula WIP Jan18 2016

Click for big.


I’m building up the background fluff for Temporus.  This is a rough series of snapshots of a pair of nebulae that can either be shown together or separately.  Trying to paint something in a small number of opaque colours that still appears to be fluid and permeable is challenging.  I’m happy with how these two turned out.

A Pastel Palette and an Idea for Wallpaper

Cantilever Shelf Wallpaper Roughs animation 01

@folmerkelly is unleashing an ultralight beast with this palette he asked me to make on Christmas.  Click the gif to see it uncompressed.


Here’s the finished version.  I had a lot of fun using tiling artifacts to add variety and visual tension, but I also deliberately break the grid in parts.  All the tiled portions I did in Pyxel Edit and then I went in with Gimp and added the wires to further mess with the grid.

Cantilever Shelf Wallpaper 08 with overlay 2x

Cantilever Shelf Wallpaper 08 with overlay arrayed 3x2

A couple Temporus Deployable Drones

Autogun Deployable

Bambi Deployable

Tik Deployable

Tussla Deployable
Wildly different image scales because I was trying to get something that worked well with twitter’s gif embedding.

Dead Hand Tiling Screen Capture

Tiling Demo Sept2014

I updated the Dead Hand tile set a bit and wanted to try out Gooncam for capturing my test layout.  I’m using Pyxel Edit as my tiling software.

Dead Hand Unit List

Dead Hand Cast of Unit Types

Tallboy Idle

Tallboy Roboframe Idle Animation 01 2x

Tallboy Progress

tallboy-roboframe-progress-02Lots of mechanical details and proportion tweaking happening with this guy.


Heavy Beam Mockup


RoboDudes Death animation 05

A death animation which I wanted to feel a bit elaborate and over the top for the action nature of the game it’s for.

NYE Stockholm 2011

Salvage – Collapse Backward Animation

An obvious variation on the collapse animation and it turned out well.  It’s fun trying to convey a sense of the suit’s bulk and weight.

Salvage – Collapse Forward Animation Textured

Big expansion on this animation from the rough.  12 frames now, though a few are just slight variations for added bounce.

Poor fella couldn’t go any further…

Salvage – Collapse Forward Animation Rough

Rough, 5 frame animation for one of the death sequences in The Salvage.  Like some previous animation roughs I’ve just blocked in the character with solid colours so that I can get the proportions and movement correct.  It will receive more frames to smooth out the motion, and then I’ll go in once more to texture the sprite in each frame.

Thump 01

***Click image for the gif***

Rough layers make for some quick and dirty gifs.