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Temporus Buggy Mech Drone – Rumble animation demo

Buggy Drone Animation Demo 01 4x twitter

Dead Hand Unit List

Dead Hand Cast of Unit Types

Popups! The Good Kind!

Hit PopupMiss Popup  Pinned Popup

Tiny Run Cycle

Scut and Run - Firebellys Walk 03

Gimp kept losing my frame timing on this one.  Finally got the issue sorted so that the animation looks suitably peppy.


Updated version that looks a little better!

walk 04 scaled

Salvage – Collapse Backward Animation

An obvious variation on the collapse animation and it turned out well.  It’s fun trying to convey a sense of the suit’s bulk and weight.

GraphicsGale Run Cycle Rough Test

First time using GraphicsGale.  I scratched up this rough run cycle to learn a bit how its animation tools work.  Learning a new tool is always a grind, but it’s nice to be able to see some kind of result quickly.