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Got a request on twitter to pixel a tadpole.  Seemed like a good reminder of warmer weather to come 🙂Tadpole Jan14 2016 2x

Forgotten Sketches – Coyote Lamp

Coyote Lamp

I was throwing out a bunch of old papers the other day and came across these rough sketches of a lamp idea I had (as well as a thumbnail of some tripod-like zero gravity creature?).  This is very rough work but it looked good enough to share, and the design is something I should consider carrying out for design week in Toronto or something.

Feed the pup

Feed the Puppy Scut

Some days I miss having a dog.

Fire Belly Newt Sketches

Fire Belly Newt Dec 2014 compress

When you’re freelancing for a game studio named Firebelly it’s bound to happen I guess.

Dead Hand Unit List

Dead Hand Cast of Unit Types

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow Scut 01 4X

Sub-Luminal 2013 Holiday Additions

Sub-Luminal Holiday Denizens 2013

I really like how this batch came out.  I want to get better at drawing interesting body layouts.


Dry Dust Skulker

Arid Zone Denizen

Your Scut

Garbage Day

Your Scut

Your Scut


So I guess I’m on Twitter now… *sigh*.  I’ll mostly be using it for people to keep track of my updates if they prefer Twitter over RSS or email subscription.!/scutanddestroy

I’ll let Jah and Seth handle things for a moment:

And a spot of content:

Raccoon Portrait

Posts have slowed as I’m visiting friends in Sweden, but I’m going to get things back on track pretty soon I hope.  I’ll be updating video game works for The Salvage again as well.

Above is a portrait of a very tricky friend of mine, he has crazy ideas regarding the way techno music should be delivered, but deliver he does, always.