Aseprite Doodle

I’m still using Gimp for my pixel illustration, and Pyxel Edit for tiling work, but I’ve been considering the switch to Aseprite for illustration.  Haven’t made the leap just yet but I did some doodles in Aseprite that are getting me tempted.

Monday Night Aseprite Doodle 01

  1. This is really nice. It looks reminiscent of some of your work for the salvage project. I use Aseprite for all of my pixel work and I just love the tool, its great! Its interesting that you use GIMP for your pixel work, I’d be interested to hear why that might be.

    • I use gimp because I am very familiar with it. It also has all the small, yet useful features of a raster editor that pixel editors usually don’t have. Things like flexible selection tools, rapid layer edits, colour and levels adjustment etc. Gimp is like a pocket knife. Not specialized for a particular task but always useful.

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