Halftone Pixel Art Trial

Pixelart Flattop Halftone Test 01

I’m trying out some halftone patterns in Gimp to let me print my pixel art with a common black and white laser printer.  I want to use a cheap medium for prototyping and possibly game design, but I still want the results to look deliberate and attractive.  I feel like this vertical scanline pattern has a bit of an ASCII terminal look that I enjoy.


    • Karla
    • February 19th, 2014

    Your socially-reluctant sister says hi. I don’t know what a vertical scanline pattern is, but I’m glad someone as wicked-awesome as you does. I love your hobbling creatures.
    Q out.

  1. hi peter i left u a msg earlier re your bashi bazouk drawing. i have cropped it and am experimenting using it as a header for my blog. if that is not okay, i will take it down immediately. otherwise, i would like to credit you with it. thx!

    • Yes you can use it for non-commercial purposes with credit. Enjoy.

      • thank you. credit will be given in the copyright section at the bottom of the blog. cheers!

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