Sling Chair Prototypes

So on this blog I tend to post the sketches and pixel art I make for fun.  I often don’t post much of my ‘day job’ designs and I intend to change that to a degree.

Here are some photos of the project I’m in the midst of wrapping up.  It’s Fugitive Glue’s take on the classic sling deck chair.  We wanted to give it a different flavour in its geometry and replaced the traditional ‘kick stand’ support with a rope and cleat allowing for much more user interaction and experimentation with the angle of the chair.  Instead of canvas for the sling, we are experimenting with reclaimed PVC billboard material, as well as decommisioned kevlar sails.

Below are photos of the alpha model which was used to determine the final geometries, cutting lengths and drilling points.  It is made mostly from cheap scrap plywood, laminated to provide enough strength.  While the structural members of this chair are exaggerated in width, the chair still provides accurate ergonomic data for us to apply to thinner, stronger material.  The sling is a quickly sliced-off portion of an advertisement banner that has been clamped on.







Remy Godzisz, one of our summer interns takes a well earned nap in the frame he helped me design and build.IMG_1418


This is our beta prototype made from maple.  The wood began as rough-sawn planks that we planed down and carefully cut into the final form.  The chair is held in its desired geometry by twelve feet of nautical rope tied off at a horn cleat.  It’s a very simple, fun and secure system that can be learned in seconds.







We were eager to test out the beta frame so we transferred our hasty sling from the alpha and tried it out.  Works great!  Ryan engages in some modeling shots.





Intern Nicole Wong tests critical functionality.


Yee!  I’m so stoked for this chair!


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