Tiny Run Cycle

Scut and Run - Firebellys Walk 03

Gimp kept losing my frame timing on this one.  Finally got the issue sorted so that the animation looks suitably peppy.


Updated version that looks a little better!

walk 04 scaled

  1. cute! I like the ears on his space suit. It looks like he only has one ‘bounce’ per two steps, makes him look a little lopsided.

    • It’s strange, I also see the single bounce, yet there /are/ two bounces in the animation frames. It must be some trick of visual hierarchy when the sprite turns its head towards the viewer.

  2. What are you making it in?

    In Photoshop it’s easy to mess things up. If you nudge things in the first frame it effects all the others but if you nudge any other frame it only effects itself.

  3. I made it in Gimp. It has a pretty easy system for simple animations where each layer acts as an animation frame.

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