Brick Box

Fugitive Glue Brick Box 01

Fugitive Glue Brick Box 03

Fugitive Glue Brick Box 02

Prototype box using a sawn brick as a lid. It’s a perfect nickie-noo for nickie-noo storage.


  1. Did you try an inset in the bottom of the wooden box so they become stackable?

    Otherwise, would love to have a floor of these.

    – Linus

    • They have an inset bottom but are not stackable. It’s a limitation of using a an old style hand-made brick for a lid. The dimensions are too irregular.

    • Aziae Flood
    • November 4th, 2014

    Would I be able to order one of these and if so would you be able to make the bottom look like the top of the box?

    • Where are you located? By making the ‘bottom look like the top’, do you mean having a brick split in two with a wooden spacer?

        • Aziae Flood
        • November 4th, 2014

        I’m in Virginia Beach. No I would like the bottom painted to match the top.

      • If you’re interested in a bulk order of ten or more I could look into doing a production batch, otherwise I don’t have any spare boxes at this time.

        • Aziae Flood
        • November 5th, 2014

        Dang. Okay then. Thank you. I only need one. I have been looking for something like this for my boss for Christmas. Its a joke she has at work about a brick when we are doing some out of the way.

      • Thanks anyway for your interest in the box!

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