Salvage, Terrain Generation Sketching and Associated Frustration

Some rough sketch ideas on procedural terrain generation for The Salvage.  I’m doing some ultra-simplified mockups using quick dice rolls to inject randomness.  I want to get a mental model of the most important steps for creating random yet interesting maps for the player.

Don’t take any of these as indicative of the way the game will look, they’re just sketch models, and very rough ones at that.


    • Tom
    • December 10th, 2011

    Really cool! I don’t know exactly what I’m seeing but generating nice looking and playable terrain is not trivial at all. I don’t know if you’ve thought about this, but is your final terrain going to be bitmap based or some sort of vector/line representation? I’d imagine this has some implications for your physics simulation.

    And this is probably of no use but I thought I’d mention: last time I did this I used a midpoint displacement algorithm , that worked pretty well, but I didn’t have any caverns or layers.

  1. Actually I was referencing your tutorial when looking for new inspiration on this exercise 🙂

    There’s a new engine in the works which uses vectors for terrain, so far is seems pretty slick and should give much more flexibility for physics.

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