Tiny Forge!

I’ve started doing some metalworking, and one thing that became clear to me very quickly was a need of a forge for heat-treating steel.  The claptrap you see above is my very first forge that I built this week.  I dub him:   Tiny Forge!


He’s tiny, but packed with over 1000 degrees of Celcius power!



Tiny Forge also has a sidekick:  Old Motoroil in a Coffee Can  –  The Quenching Trough!



I’m teaching myself how to make knives and small hand tools.

On the left is the raw material I’m using.  It’s a blade from a lawn edger.  Just a rectangle of steel, about 1/8″ thick with a centre hole.

I’m using very basic tools, mostly grinders, drills and files to achieve the final shape.

The two tools on the right have both been hardened in Tiny Forge, a knife and a pry tool.  I heat them until they are cherry-red, then quench them in used motor oil.  After the main heat treating I’ll oven bake them to anneal the metal and remove stress.



  1. Love that you are teaching yourself all of these techniques. Will come in handy one day. How are you otherwise? Some new shoes done? with this you can make the small clips on boots.

    Do well,

    // Linus

  2. Glad you liked the post Linus. Not much happening with shoes right now, waiting for schedules to line up for that project to start up again. That’s partly why I started doing these tools, because they’re small enough that I can work solo.

  3. cool stuff peter. i love those kind of experiments. reminds me of making glass.

    how are you doing.



    • pete
    • October 3rd, 2011

    You are officially the person I want to become, haha. Love your sketches and knife stuff. I need to do stuff like this. I have a dremel! 🙂

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