Salvage Artifact Loose Ideations


Continuing the theme of re-visiting software I haven’t used in a long time, I’ve dipped back into Alchemy this time.  It’s a drawing program, but can perhaps be better thought of as a visual idea generator.  This is due to its wonderful abilities to lay down random, unexpected shapes, and a deliberate lack of an undo function to keep the user focussed on moving on to a new idea.

I decided to use Alchemy for sketching up some fresh designs of artifacts for The Salvage.  Seeing as I want them to appear somewhat bizarre and alien, yet still look like crafted technological objects I figured Alchemy was ideal.  I’ve found the ‘pull shapes’ tool to be especially handy for spraying line details onto volumes, which helps work out ideas of where cut-lines, and various gubbins could go.

I’ll be taking sketches like this and running them through a more conventional drawing/painting loop to work out the forms and details further, but as a starting point I love how they leave a lot for the imagination to work with.

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