Salvage Basic Gameplay Storyboard

This is a storyboard I sketched up to outline some of the main gameplay elements that a player will encounter on a regular basis in The Salvage.  It focuses on some basic problem solving involved in seeking out artifacts and extracting them from the ground.  I’ve omitted most hazards, such as asteroids, storms, earthquakes etc.  because I wanted to keep the progression from one task to the next clear.

  1. I like the way the player is not supposed to just solve a predefined puzzle, but solve an actual situation, so it’ll really feel like you designed whatever solution you came up with. However: wow, there’s a lot of “non-boxy” physics in there! Cables, hoses, liquids, breaking rocks, non-trivial, to say the least. 🙂

  2. I have been following your site for a while, ever since I saw your post on Gamestorm. I really like the level of effort you are wanting players to put into mining. I particularly like all the equipment/puzzle style interactions. There is a quality to it that reminds me of taking worms, but removing the combat and focusing all that weapon use on tools for mining.

    I know you don’t need advice of strangers on the internet. But I would suggest being careful with how much effort is required for any particular function. For example, protecting the resources at the surface. Is there a gameplay to it or will players consider it busy work that they need to perform every time they start a level or risk losing all their stuff.

    Also I though it was interesting you choose to want to string power cords, but didn’t have a repel/rope concept. You may have it elsewhere, and just not in this demonstration. And thanks again for sharing. On a final note, I saw a guy today who is starting a kickstarter for a cave exploring game. Seems like someone with a good tech background, but needs an artist. I think you should consider finding out if you can pair your talents.

  3. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed looking at my work Glen!

    Pretty much all gameplay elements are not ‘written in stone’. I think of scenarios that seem fun or challenging and then go about mocking up a way to implement them. Ultimately the decisions regarding what gets into the final game and what gets cut will be decided by what the engine can handle, and whether a particular element or mechanic can be made engaging. If it can’t be resolved, it will get cut.

    Thanks for pointing me towards In Profundis. It looks really cool! Maybe John and I can get in contact, he has really clever ideas.

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