Gamestorm Posts My Space Strategy Concept

Gamestorm is a new blog that posts rough concepts, paper doodles, and the sorts of scribble ideations that game designers often never show the public.  It’s a great blog to see a bit behind the scenes of how game developers hack out their ideas on paper.

They recently posted a series of concept sketches I did for a space strategy idea.  You can see the Gamestorm post here.

  1. I’m glad because I found your blog because of that post! Great work. I love your Tactical (Xcom) style Strategy game idea too!

    • I’m glad you liked my work! Tell your friends 🙂
      It’s fun to see an idea take on some form of life on the page, I should do more game concepts.

    • Kristjon Runar
    • May 2nd, 2011

    Hi there, love your blog wish I could draw like that.

    Funny this is very similar to one of the early concepts I developed for a game my team is now working on. The concept was focused on certain ships only being able to move on the center plane, as sort of carrier ships that would wield the heavy weaponry while the smaller vessels would roam freely between the planes as support vessels.

    We however simplified the concept into something more akin to a reverse tower defense game. This would be our very first game, and we are very unexperienced & uneducated so we had to stick to something simple and oversimplify things.

    I would love to see how this idea would turn out.

    The space genre is poorly lacking in tactical games.Still Flotilla was a nice addition to this otherwise poorly populated genre.

  2. Hi Kristjon, thanks for checking out my work.

    Your game sounds interesting, have you got any development logs online for it? It’s always cool to see different ways of approaching a similar idea.

    ‘Reverse tower defense’ I think will become a popular genre this year, so I hope it adds to the attention for your game. Don’t worry about ‘oversimplifying’ it, if it helps you get a finished game instead of an unfinished concept it’s worth the sacrifice.

    Funny you mention Flotilla, I just re-installed it the other day. Yes it was a very cool game, although I feel as if it could be taken much further, perhaps with some kind of cover mechanic. Still, I’m glad I bought it.

    Are you from Iceland? When I can get back to Scandinavia I’d love to spend some time on the island.

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