Loot Review

I was thinking about what the player’s ‘home base’ might look like, and how it could be used in-game.  One thing I thought would be cool is a room where you can browse a catalogue of the artifacts you’ve successfully pulled from the planet.  The player would step onto a control platform which activates a holo display.  Artifacts can be viewed in a manner similar to watching a revolver’s drum rotate from the side.  The item being viewed currently sits in the centre of the display, with preview versions of the next artifacts in queue alongside.

This interface would double as both a trophy room and a marketplace.  The player could choose to sell off certain artifacts before an expedition ends in order to maintain a cashflow or to quickly barter for services from passing merchants.

The original sketch was done in a small moleskine and was mostly to get my main idea of the composition down on paper.  The underlying architecture of the viewing platform will need to get a proper design once I start building the pixel art base map.

    • farcodev
    • February 15th, 2011

    cool idea and picture !

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