Gas / Smoke Modeling

Various gas and smoke types will be needed in The Salvage.  Above is the base texture I sketched up for a gas cloud, along with a mockup of how it could look in-game.  The mocked up smoke has two layers, one situated in front of the player, and a darker layer behind the player which wouldn’t have a game effect, but adds visual depth.

Below is how I think gases and smoke can be modeled within the game engine without needing dense, process-heavy point clouds.


A simple, low-density point cloud is generated.  The points will follow all the cool gravity, wind, and friction effects we love etc.


The points receive a bubble or membrane which will provide the boundaries for the cloud’s volume.  Superfluous points could be discarded if their bubbles will be encompassed by their neighbors.


Overlaps in the bubbles removed to make the relationship between points and the overall cloud more clear.


The cloud is filled with whatever colour or texture is desired.


Transparency mask applied to soften the edges and add volume to the cloud.

  1. Impressive work, keep it up !

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