Terrain Mega Mockup 03

The white guidelines overlaying the previous mockup iteration have been converted into separate layers of rock, which act as zones to be seeded with features.



I’m currently working with four types of strata.  The topmost sediment layer, a compressed layer below that, a rubble and ‘artifact’ layer, and finally a magma/bedrock layer at the bottom.  Each layer of strata will have a likelihood of containing its own environmental anomalies.  The top sediment layer will likely just contain small boulders and water.  The compressed layer below that will often contain its own sub-strata of salt or silt pockets, gas pockets, and oil deposits.  The rubble layer will have a high chance of seeding large caverns, as well as chemical pockets, heavier boulders and artifacts.  The magma layer will contain pockets of magma, as well as exotic chemicals.



I’m just making a single colour scratchpad on top of the mockup to work out these ideas, but here you should be able to get some sense how these seeded features can dramatically change the player’s environment.



Boulder sketches with player for scale.

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