The Salvage will require a lot of vertical movement, as the player travels deep into the planet to seek out artifacts.  I don’t want movement to be frantic, but it shouldn’t be tedious either.  I need a flight mechanic to allow for vertical ascension and to provide smooth drops down holes and shafts.

Jets and grappling hooks seem a bit to obvious, and I want to keep small touches of almost etherial technology in the mix.  What I want to go with is some sort of energy suspensor, that ‘floats’ the player.

The topmost concept is very energetic, and looks nice but maybe too headstrong.  The middle concept I thought was cool, the idea that the suit is floating on its back as if it were being carried on a river.  The bottom sketch I think is what I will go with, bringing some visible machinery into the mix.  The idea of a powered suit being carried aloft by some strange form or energy balloon or levitating cable definitely brings a sense of mystery and far flung technologies.

  1. I like the first one the most chap. The third could probably work with some tweaking and experimenting, it fits well with the floating observer guys chairs and the spike thing. The middle one doesn’t work for me at all, looks like they have just crashed on a bean bag.

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