New Flora, Brighter Terrain, Lighting Experiments

Some new sprites that will be added onto terrain during generation to gain some more colour and variety onto the landscape.

We’ve got a few tufts of grass, stalactites (and stalagmites!  *hooonnk*), crystals, fossilized bivalve thingies, smoky fumaroles, fungal growths, and some sort of lamp plant or communal organism.

I’ve also adjusted the shader to brighten the terrain up a bit, as well as make the bands near the surface warmer and those further down cooler.  Another experiment is a kind of simple cast shadow that comes down in areas that are not directly exposed to sunlight.  I’m not sure if they add enough depth to use, but so far in static tests it looks pretty decent.  Notice as well how the shadow cools the terrain shader.

  1. The 3rd pic gives the impression of being underwater. In fact the last one does also. The barnacles, bubbling plants and coral formations etc. It certainly is a very ‘deep’ impression, but also watery.

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