New Terrain Textures Pt.1

I want to add more variety to the ground textures in The Salvage, so I spent some time sketching up ideas for variant tiles that I can work into the current sedimentary rock theme I have going.  The idea with most of these will be to intersperse them randomly amongst the terrain, enough so that the eye will have occasional landmarks to pick up on and not get bored.

I first did the base sketches in pen with some crosshatch shading.  Then in Gimp I painted over the scanned sketches with my tablet, at a reasonably quick pace (for me at least).  I’ve shown the painted versions first, as their basic blocked-in colours will give a hint as to how they’ll appear when translated into pixel art.  I’ve also shown a composite of the base sketch along with a ghost version of the painted layer.

  1. The combined versions look really good. Especially the last one there, love seeing the pen lines through the images. Will be interesting to see these transition into pixel art.

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