Saddle Shop Field Trip

The other week I visited a local saddle maker by the name of Les Mason, who I didn’t even know existed until a friend told me to check him out (thanks Bob!).

He invited me over to check out his workshop and scrounge up some tools.  He’s got the usual awesome maker’s shop, with all sorts of gorgeous old machines and random objects scattered about.  He had several really nice old English saddle stitching machines, I wish I’d gotten some proper photos of them

I came away with a leather-working hammer, new awl, and an old awl handle.  He said he’s also got a good skiving knife stashed somewhere that he’ll try to track down for me.

    • Linda
    • August 25th, 2010

    Cool pics. Great. Thanks for sharing.

  1. amazing! have you started creating anything?

    • I haven’t begun making shoes yet, there are still tools and materials I need to collect. Getting closer though. I’m teaming up with a friend and hopefully we can start learning the real hands-on skills soon.

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