Seismic activity can shake ground loose, resulting in deadly cave-ins.  Caution must always be exercised.

  1. It looks good. Is there any progress on the terrain engine? Just wondering how quickly/smoothly the new edges would be rendered in when chunks break off.

    I know it is just an example, but if it is from earth quakes and the like it would be cool to see the major damage done to all the spiky outcrops of rock.

  2. Right now there is no coding going on. Think of these mockups as a living project of concept development and asset building. Just like how a director will get a film storyboarded well in advance, this is me trying to create a very clear vision of how the game will function and look.

    As for how quickly/smoothly the edges would get rendered, it should be perfectly smooth. The edge textures are no longer intended to be drawn in real-time, instead what you’re looking at is effectively a source-lit texture.

    I believe I’ll make a post illustrating the layers that go into creating the final composite shown in these mockups so that the methodology is clearer.

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