New, simpler terrain shader + textures.

I’m dipping into The Salvage again this week with some encouraging results.  Here you can see what is likely to be the final concept for how terrain will be lit.

In the old system I envisioned drawing the ground texture and lighting in a single procedural process.  That system gave some decent results but I wasn’t crazy about how it seemed to handle undercuts on terrain poorly.

The new system uses a three layer approach.  First a traditional tiling texture is laid onto the terrain.  Shadow is then applied procedurally, darkening the texture in the deeper portions and darkening the undersides of undercuts.  A final thin highlight is added procedurally to all ‘top’ edges of the terrain.

Right now the images just show hand-painted mock ups, but it’s a workable system within a game engine.

  1. Hey, I trawl the TIGSource forums every other day, and your work certainly stands out! Love the updated look, I think you have nailed it with this design.

    • Thanks! I’ll keep posting new items and updates in my free time. The encouragement is appreciated!

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