Hunting for Tools

Last week Ryan and I went out to Guelph to visit a fellow by the name of Robert Land, who makes historical shoes.  He’s also got a metric butt-load of shoe-making tooling stocked up at his place.  He was kind enough to talk to us newbies with tips on how we can get ourselves started into shoe making and design.  He also sold us some lasts with matching die-cut patterns for their uppers, which should help smooth out our learning curve as we try making our first shoes.

The lasting pincers shown in the photos are new, from 1967 as best as I can guess from the box design and markings.  After a few shots of penetrating oil they feel great and operate smoothly.  At first I thought the stamping in the hammer was added by an ex-marine working on the assembly line, but it’s just an acronym for the company name.

  1. The USM Lasting Pincer is still manufactured by USM and is available from there supply division, Untied Global Supply. E-mail me, Charlie Williams for more information at

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