Speakerboxes + Nice Fabric

Some ideation sketches for speakerboxes, wrapped in fabric, similar to furniture.  Hoping to prototype these in the near future.  The main idea is that I think a lot of people would like to buy quality sound equipment, but wouldn’t be too thrilled with the black/silver aesthetics of most speakers.  It could also be a great surface to do screen printing, or perhaps simple line-art painting on top of the fabric.  Essentially joining hand-crafted sensibilities to home audio.

I went to Wildhagen for advice on textile sourcing.  They’re a fantastic hat shop that does really fresh designs.  If you live in Toronto you should definitely stop by their shop!

  1. hey man,
    yer stuff is killer.
    lovin’ it.
    keep it up. would love to collaborate at some point.

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