Strategy Game, Terrain Mockup, Greyscale

Drew a mockup of how the pixel art terrain would look and how it all reads.  As you can see the important information is clearly displayed, and a player could easily distinguish between different terrain types.  Still greyscale at this stage, maybe I’ll throw down some colour variations this week.  I also need to mockup the unit sprites in vector art so that I can show how they will read against the background.

The issue of visual clarity within game design really got put into my head the past couple days as I’m playing a new indie game called Frozen Synapse.  It’s an excellent game made by a team with heaps of promise, however it suffers from really bad colour / tone selection in its graphics.  It has been lauded for using a sort of abstracted ‘tron’ aesthetic, which is cool, but if you look at the screenshot below you can see how difficult it is to read the battlefield and the information it contains.  Not only did they make the mistake of using default hues of blue, red, and green; but the colours are all over-saturated and literally strain the eyes.

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