Strategy Game, Terrain Scratchpad

I put together this scratchpad of pixel art terrain for a game idea I’m toying with.  I was definitely inspired by the clarity of the terrain in Puppygames’ upcoming release Revenge of the Titans.  That game uses vector art, and I’ve decided that pixel art will do well for my purposes.  My intent is to use vectors for the game’s units, so I think the contrast of blocky terrain vs smoothly scaling moving pieces will be not only attractive, but clearer to the player.

None of these terrain types have been worked into tile sets yet.  I’ve done this scratchpad in greyscale only, so that I only need to concern myself with value and how well the forms read.  Some of the elements in this drawing will make it through to the next iteration, but at least a third will get cut, mostly because they are redundant.

I’m unable to settle on a working title for the game.  It’s a planetary ground maneuver game, revolving mostly around mechanized units that are constantly trying to sort out the enemy’s deception while maintaining their own false postures.  The units will likely be something like the ‘Little Chassis’ series from earlier.  I was thinking ‘Echelon’ might be a cool name, though it leans more toward an aircraft-centric game, and also alludes to conspiracy theorist tropes.  I definitely want to avoid a title that is overtly ‘military’.  I love when games choose clever, or illustrious titles.  Sins of a Solar Empire, The Eidolon, Koronis Rift, Brass Hats, Ogre, The Dig…  Anyway, I’m open to suggestions that are sharp (i.e. not Command and Conquer).

    • mintybot
    • April 15th, 2012

    Been wanting to make a real time strategy for a while now.. looks fun

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