Stout Light Cannoneer

Recently I’ve been digging around the net for info on a series of Japanese concept model books called Hyperweapon.  They’re cult tomes of a peculiar aspect of underground model makers.  The artists create entire fictional universes and stories, but instead of focusing on the written word, or two-dimensional media, they create models.  The models are made by kit-bashing wildly different scale models into completely new creations with bizarre forms.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of the design work is the focus on making things look as if no square-spectacled, black-turtlenecked designer was allowed anywhere near the creations.  Instead, the designs evoke stories of battle-driven alterations, patch-jobs, and improvisation.  The brutal proportions, and lack of symmetry make and aesthetic that is as hostile as it is obviously vibrant and imaginative.

Here’s a fan site covering some wonderful examples of Makoto Kobayashi.

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