Hoodies — 03

A friend mentioned how good the quilted jackets from Canada’s olympic team looked, which got me thinking about usage of quilting patterns in clothing, how it’s reminiscent of ancient armour, but also science fiction garb.

    • baronzemm
    • March 22nd, 2010

    Ive been keeping the idea of using more durable materials in the back of my mind while I have been knitting things.

    It seems like a fairly useful post apocalypse skill. Braid plastic into cord and knit it into clothes.

    On an Olypmic note, I rather liked the heavy knitted medal bearer coats.


    Seems like something you could create rather rapidly if you had the right weight of materials.

    • Those are really cool. Thanks for link dude. Wonder if there are any good examples of knitting non-fibrous materials together.

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