More Fallout 3, ‘shadow layer’ sketches.

A few more Fallout sketches I’ve been sitting on for a while, finally got around to scanning them.

First couple show how wastelanders can put all those old tires to use when nature calls.  Inspired by a comment made on the Something Awful forums.

The other two are of some hasty fighting positions set up in the myriad office buildings of the Capital Wasteland.  I think it was a clever move from the game designers to juxtapose the dullness of a bureaucratic landscape against a violent, adventure-laden fantasy world.  If anything they could have done even more with the ‘cubicle battlefield’, more trap options or comedy combat moves, like posting grenades through those vacuum document tubes…  hmm, might have to sketch that up.

These are quick first-pass renderings where I just chuck my shadow layer down.  I’m in the midst of adding tint layers and highlights, and I’ll post those up soon.

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