System Shock

I loved the System Shock games, especially SS2.  I’ve been rolling some ideas in my head for how I’d like to do a game with similar themes to these classics.  One character I thought would be fun to add would be a robotic familiar, that helps the Hacker execute tasks and warn them of danger.  The main idea I’ve been sketching up is a simple little three-legged robot with laser as its main tool/armament.  The robot can climb on the player’s back to get carried along, and by peeking over the shoulder can be used to shoot at threats.

    • Dark-Star
    • March 19th, 2010

    Now there’s an interesting thought…a bit like R2-D2 with weaponry and better mobility.

    I really wish I could try modding SS2 to have this, although I’m not exactly an elite Shockeditor. I’ll ask around and see what the true brainiacs think.

    • While I’d love to see this put into the game, my gut feeling is that SS2 is not the best platform for modding. These days you have a huge number of engines that could be used to make a great shock-like and would be even easier to work with. Fallout 3, Crysis, Unreal, Source, Unity etc.

    • Dark-Star
    • March 23rd, 2010

    You’re probably right, unfortunately. There’s just something about the Dromed engine that ‘grabs’ me…despite all its limitations and quirks.

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