Fallout 3

After holding off for a couple years I started playing Fallout 3.  I’ve always loved post-apocalyptic genre, I’m even thinking of trying out the original Wasteland (Might even be worth bringing the C64 out of retirement to get the proper old-school feel.) or learning how the hell Burntime works.  Fallout 3 has a lot of bugs and design foibles, the combat is pretty rubbish when you aren’t using VATS.  I can forgive its problems because the world available to explore is just so damn rich with locations, characters and stories.

One aesthetic holdover from the previous two games that still irks me is the nearly skin-tight wardrobes of most characters.  I’d like to think that after a nuclear war, people would be wearing slightly chunkier cuts.  I’d also like to see some reflection of just how much bulk is being carried in their visual appearance.  It need not be a perfectly accurate modeling of all the gear in one’s inventory, but by simply attaching packs, pouches and bags to the character model a lot of visual texture can be added to the game.

    • baronzemm
    • February 14th, 2010


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